LTE Always Connected

Every Car is a Connected Car

Stay Connected to

the World with LTE

Pyrenee Drive is always connected to the world through an LTE/4G internet connection. It can receive various information, share necessary information within the company or among colleagues, and automatically call for help in an emergency. Connecting to the outside world opens up a wide range of possibilities.




Share traffic information

Pyrenee Drive allows users to share information about traffic jams, accidents, etc., based on their vehicle's movement information and camera images. For example, when a dangerous road is found after a heavy rain, or when the road is impassable due to heavy snowfall, users on the scene can share the information as soon as possible to avoid a serious accident or notify the rescue team of an available route.

Connect car and office


With Pyrenee Drive's telematics function, you can check where each vehicle is, who is driving it, and what route it has taken in real-time from your office PC. The face recognition function can also automatically report daily and monthly driving information for each driver.

Automatic SOS

for faster rescue

If an accident occurs, it is very important to get proper emergency treatment as soon as possible, Pyrenee Drive will automatically connect you to the emergency center if it detects the possibility of an accident from the impact or camera images, and the operator will arrange an ambulance if necessary.


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