Pyrenee's products are designed to protect people

from the dangers they encounter in any situation.

Pyrenee creates products that are not just machines,

but also good partners for people who use them.

The company name and logo are derived from the Pyrenee dog,

a strong and gentle dog that protects shepherds' families

and sheep from wolves and bears in the Pyrenee Mountains in France.


Company Profile

Company name

Pyrenee Inc.


April 2016

CEO / Founder

Ryuta Mino


Development, production, sales, and traffic data collection and analysis of AI driver assistants


3 Kandaneribeicho Chiyoda-ku Tokyo Japan Fuji Soft Akihabara BLDG. 12F

Pyrenee Team


CEO / Founder

Ryuta Mino

We are doing our best to develop Pyrenee Drive so that it can be a companion for drivers, supporting safe and enjoyable driving. We hope to make the world a better place than it is today by making computers the "partner" that accompanies people.

Chief Technical Officer

Tsuyoshi Mizuno

We aim to create products that directly contribute to people's safety and happiness using technology. Please look out for our ambitious products that make use of new technologies that only a start-up like ours can offer.


Nobuyuki Idei

As an advisor and a car enthusiast, I am looking forward to the commercialization of this product. I would like to fully support Pyrenee to reduce the number of traffic accidents caused by negligent drivers, not only in Japan but also in other countries.


December 2015

GUGEN2015 Excellence Award / Microsoft Award

January 2016

Established Pyrenee Co., Ltd.

February 2016

Exhibited at THE BRIDGE FES 2016

April 2016

Received the highest award in the Shinagawa Business Contest

April 2016

Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Business Development Consortium "Future 2016" Finalist

October 2016

Exhibited at GITEX Tech week (Dubai)

November 2016

IBM Smart Camp TOKYO Japan representative elected

October 2017

NVIDIA Inception Partner Certification

January 2018

Exhibited at CES2018 (Las Vegas, USA)

June 2018

Exhibited at Slush Tokyo 2018

September 2018

NVIDIA GTC Japan 2018 NVIDIA Inception Award Finalist

July 2019

Concluded a mass production support agreement with Sharp Corporation

October 2019

Received the 2019 Good Design Award

December 2019

Concluded a business alliance with SBS Logicom Co., Ltd.

July 2020

Quantum Leap CEO Nobuyuki Idei appointed as an advisor


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