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Pyrenee Drive is an AI driver assistant that was created to prevent traffic accidents.
The AI supports the driver by judging the driving situation

in real time based on information from camera images and numerous sensors.
The AI driver assistant has an individual ID for each aircraft, and grows as it learns the driver's preferences and behavior.



National Highway Traffic Safety Administration 2015

The main causes of

traffic accidents

human error

Most traffic accidents are caused by human error (overlooking cars or pedestrians, delay in detection, misjudgment, looking the other way, operational errors, etc.).
Even if we try to drive safely, human error cannot be reduced to zero because we are all human beings.
According to the U.S. Department of Transportation's National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, drivers are responsible for 94% of all traffic accidents.

AI keeps track of the movement of people and cars on the road

Pyrenee Drive's AI driver assistant uses a powerful built-in GPU to perform deep learning to recognize the presence of pedestrians, other vehicles, bicycles and motorcycles in real time.
It continuously tracks their movements and uses its own algorithms to predict their future movements.

Watch out for

the right cyclist!!

To prevent accidents

Assist the driver

By constantly monitoring the position of the vehicle in relation to pedestrians and other vehicles, the system constantly predicts whether there is a risk of a collision ahead.
In the unlikely event that the system detects a danger of an accident, it quickly and concretely informs the driver of the danger and assists him/her to avoid it with as much time as possible.
In this way, accidents caused by human error, such as oversight, which account for the majority of traffic accidents, can be prevented.

As the driver's sidekick, Pyrenee Drive keeps an eye on the driver at all times. A camera mounted on the driver's side captures the driver's eyes and face direction, and recognizes if the driver is drowsy or looking away.
If the driver continues to look away or yawns, the system will worry about him and call his name or call out to him. If the system detects a danger such as falling asleep at the wheel, it can wake the driver with a loud sound or send an emergency call to the family or workplace. Another feature of Pyrenee Drive is that it can recognize emergency situations as soon as they occur.

I'm also watching at the driver

Pyrenee Drive's AI driver assistant is constantly growing.
Additional deep learning is performed by gathering data in the cloud from each user's experience of potentially hazardous situations that could lead to an accident. The more data it learns, the greater its ability to predict hazards, allowing it to accurately anticipate hazards in more situations and detect hazards at an earlier stage.

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