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Interview with MONOist

On August 26th, Pyrenee's interview was published in the third installment of the serial "Monozukuri Startup Development Story" that follows the startups that are working hard to solve social issues at DMM.make AKIBA, a members-only monozukuri facility in Akihabara, Tokyo, which is Pyrenee's base of operations.
They interviewed us about the development process and their thoughts on the business.

MONOist (external link)
How to run high precision AI on a small GPU?
An up-and-coming venture that is developing a driver assistance device

【 What is MONOist? 】
We are a specialized information media that supports manufacturing in Japan.
Mononist is a media specializing in monozukuri, transmitting the latest information and insights that lead to solutions to problems in Japan's manufacturing industry. It publishes more than 150 new articles a month, providing a wide range of topics from manufacturing sites to overall manufacturing business trends.

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