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Pyrenee Drive media test drive event featured

On January 23rd, we held a test drive event for the media and the media introduced the Pyrenee Drive to us. The media were invited to ride in a test car equipped with Pyrenee Drive and experience the recognition function while driving through the streets of Akihabara.
In the article, the media introduced the Pyrenee Drive product and its recognition features, as well as the experience of driving on public roads. (external link)
Pyrenee unveils Pyrenee Drive, an in-vehicle device that uses AI to recognize pedestrians and cars and detect danger to the media
Engadget Japan edition (external link)
An AI eye for accident prevention. Japanese companies develop external driver assistance devices
CNET Japan (external link)
Double-checking by humans and machines to turn down traffic accidents - the AI assistant Pyrenee
My Navi News (external link)
Pyrenee Drive, a safe driving assistant that uses the power of AI to prevent accidents
Nikkan Jidosha Shimbun (external link) *For members only
Pyrenee Announces Retrofitted AI Driver Assistant

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