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Pyrenees Forms Business Alliance with Logistics Giant SBS LogiCom to Reduce Car Accidents

Pyrenee Corporation (CEO: Ryuta Mino), which is developing an AI assistant for drivers to reduce car accidents, formed a business alliance with logistics giant SBS LogiCom, Inc.
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SBS LogiCom, a major player in the transportation industry, will apply its knowledge of transportation operations and the empirical data to the development of Pyrenee Drive, an AI assistant for drivers, with the aim of contributing to the prevention of serious accidents and safe driving. In order to develop Pyrenee Drive, it is very important to collect experimental and traffic data for AI training, which is repeatedly collected using actual vehicles.
In the future, Pyrenee will be able to collect real-life demonstration data by installing a prototype of ''Pyrenee Drive'' on approximately 1,000 transportation vehicles owned by SBS LogiCom. At the same time, data will be collected through tests that simulate car accidents at the SBS Group's ''Anesaki Driving School'' course, and will be used to develop and improve accident prevention functions. The company aims to release ''Pyrenee Drive,'' an AI assistant for drivers, within the next fiscal year.

*1 : What is Pyrenee Drive, an AI assistant for drivers?
It is equipped with a stereo camera to monitor the road, an in-camera to recognize the driver's face, a GPU chip with high processing power from NVIDIA that performs AI calculations in real time, a touch screen LCD display, a LTE communication module, etc. If the system detects the possibility of an accident, it quickly notifies the driver of the impending danger through voice and screen display to assist in the avoidance of the accident. At the same time, the system will be equipped with a unique voice assistant, drive recorder, navigation, music playback and phone calls. After the launch, the system will continue to collect video and data from all users' crisis situations in the cloud for additional AI learning and to increase the accuracy and speed of prediction with each learning session. For more information, please refer to the product page. (Specifications may differ from those of the mass-produced product to be released next year.
Product page:

*SBS LogiCom Inc. President Masahiko Kamata Comment
One of the Group's policies is to "pursue zero traffic accidents". As a company that operates on the roads, a public institution of society, it is our natural duty to strive for the elimination of traffic accidents. I have a great deal of sympathy with Pyrenee's approach to safety, and I hope that this alliance will accelerate the speed of development and install the system in our vehicles as soon as possible.

Pyrenee Corporation President Ryuta Mino Comments
It has been a major goal of ours from the beginning of its development to ensure that our driver AI assistant, Pyrenee Drive, can provide significant accident prevention performance when used in the transportation industry. We are very pleased that this partnership will enable us to test its performance on trucks, collect the traffic data necessary for the development of the AI, and conduct simulated crash tests at our driving school site, which will significantly advance the quality and speed of product development. I have been very impressed by the strong desire of the people at SBS LogiCom to eradicate traffic accidents during this initiative. We will do our utmost to create products that live up to their expectations and make a major contribution to the elimination of traffic accidents.

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