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DMM.make AKIBA 5th anniversary event "THE SHIFT 5th anniversary" participated and took the stage

DMM.make AKIBA, a hardware start-up/monozukuri share office in Akihabara, where Pyrenee is based, celebrated its 5th anniversary on November 11th, and held a commemorative event "THE SHIFT 5th anniversary" for its members and the media. Pyrenee also participated in the event.

During the "Game Changer's Meetup", 5 DMM.make AKIBA members including Pyrenee took the stage to present their products to the judges.
Pyrenee was able to have the opportunity to discuss with 4 out of the 5 guest judges.

At the Pyrenee Drive booth, visitors were able to see the demo unit and try out the recognition features, while Pyrenee staff explained the products to the attendees. We received a lot of comments, questions, and likes!
Thank you for stopping by the Pyrenee booth.

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