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The Pyrenee Corporation and Sharp Corporation have signed an agreement to support mass production of Pyrenee Drive, an AI driver assistant under development to reduce car accidents

Pyrenee Corporation (CEO: Ryuta Mino) is developing "Pyrenee Drive", an AI driver assistant that will be retrofitted to vehicles to reduce the number of accidents caused by human error (delays in detection and errors in judgment), with the aim of launching the product in the next fiscal year.

Pyrenee has announced that it has signed a hardware mass production support agreement with Sharp Corporation ("Sharp") in May of this year, prior to the mass production of Pyrenee Drive.
Pyrenee will receive support from Sharp's mass production acceleration program and will aim to mass produce high quality products to satisfy its customers.
In addition, in October 2017, Pyrenee was selected as a Japanese partner of the NVIDIA INCEPTION PROGRAM, an international AI start-up support program by NVIDIA, and together with NVIDIA's support, Pyrenee has been developing the latest AI technologies, and these results will be reflected in its products in due course.

Comment from Kazuo Kanamaru, Director of Open Innovation Center, Research and Development Group, Sharp Corporation
We empathize with the passion with which Pyrenees aims to achieve safe driving through cutting-edge technologies such as AI. Sharp's mass production technology will support the mass production of Pyrenees' hardware.

What is Pyrenee Drive?
It has a stereo camera to monitor the road, an in-camera to recognize the driver's face, an NVIDIA GPU chip to perform real-time AI calculations, a touch screen LCD display and an LTE communication module. If it detects the possibility of an accident, it will quickly alert the driver with voice and pop-up messages to avoid an accident. At the same time, the system will be equipped with a unique voice assistant, drive recorder, navigation, music playback and phone calls. In addition, even after the launch, the system will continue to collect video and data from all users' crisis situations in the cloud for additional AI learning, with plans to increase the accuracy and speed of predictions with each learning session. For more information, please visit our website (

Sharp's "Mass Production Support Service" for IoT ventures, launched by Sharp on December 8, 2016, provides one-stop support from product development to mass production:

Official Website Facebook:

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Pyrenee Corporation
Founded in 2016. Pyrenee develops retrofitted AI driving assistants and other products aimed at reducing the number of accidents caused by human error (delays in detection and errors in judgment), which is the cause of approximately 98% of car accidents. The company is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.

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